Does your social media marketing taste like red wine?

I’m sure you’re using Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin? Even if you’re not an active user of these three social networking giants, you’re probably thinking of starting your next promotion with one portal at least.

If you’re active in these networks, how much success have you achieved? Have you ever landed a contract that brought in 2 – 5 figures? If not, then what’s the problem? Social media marketing has taken a new dimension in this new and information age. You need to think in respect to winning rather than getting bugged with the latest developments.

You Can Always Succeed

Want to make social media marketing taste like red wine this year? I mean the sweet ones actually. Who cares about the bitter ones in this sweet age?

With social media, you can always succeed. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in your business right now, with the right application of the tools and resources around you, productivity is sure. Marketing on social networks should be proactive and exceptional top notch.

It’s quite different with blogging. You’ve the chance to rant and talk about your holiday celebration and all the good stuffs that come with it. But social media users are busy; they’ve received thousands of infomercials already. You need to talk to them as if you’re right there in their living room.

Your marketing activities should be well orchestrated, quick and incisive. There is no room for storytelling. Let the audience you’re targeting know that business is a serious game.

Eliminate Every Marketing Hype

The major reason why social media will continue to taste bitter for several marketers is because of marketing hype. In order to squeeze out the juicier taste of red wine in your social media delivery, you need to eliminate every form of marketing hype.

Get rid of it from day one. It doesn’t matter what you’ve in your head, the pressure and enticement from so-called gurus, you can’t win with hype. Hype has failed countless social media marketers and will continue to fail them.

I’ve seen the immense potential of running a social media campaign in my business. Even for those who hate red wine, nothing tastes better like a well-structured social engagement.

Once you get them (prospects) engaged via these sharing networks, the rest would automatically take care of itself. You’ll make sales, attract paying clients and build your email list quickly and easily.

Stay Relaxed And Observe Prospects

I’ve used red wine throughout this post. Do you know the reason for my analogy? Well, if you’ve ever attended a cocktail party with friends, you would understand the great value placed on red wines.

Pour a glass of red wine for your girl and pour a glass for yourself. How do you feel when the smooth “lovely” songs ooze out from nowhere? When marketing with social media, learn to relax and observe prospects like you gaze on your partner’s pretty looks.

It’s the beginning of social engagement and probably will lead to increase in conversion and trust. I’ve use the analogy above on my niche blogs. Most recently, l launched a blog that reviews zagat wine coupons and laithwaites wine discount code and this simple “sentence” helped me achieve tremendous success.

Social Media Takeaway

Did you enjoy this social media post? I admonish you to take action and start implementing the tips above in your business. If you own a blog in any niche, decide to engage your readers. That’s the litmus test between a successful blog and one that doesn’t see the light of the dawn. Take action today and share your success story. Will you?

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