Are you making any web hosting mistake?

In this informative post, I want to show you top 3 web hosting mistakes that some bloggers are making. Well, don’t conclude that you aren’t involved until you’ve read through to the end. There is so much to be learned from web hosting and domain registration.

The demand for information online has paved way to several crappy marketing hype out there. You’ve got to be extremely wise and patience when dealing with fellow web marketers and service firms.

The Essence Of Web Hosting

Have you asked yourself why you opted for that particular web hosting service? Is it because your friends recommended it, the cost or just because you need an online presence? Well, all these are good reasons to invest in web hosting. Nevertheless, you still want to be treated as a King.

In 2008, when I hosted my first website that reviews top Netflix movies and best Netflix streaming movies, I made several mistakes which almost brought failure.

Do you know that your hosting company can make or destroy your business? So, be careful of who houses your websites. In that vein, here are the mistakes made by bloggers and it prevents them from making extra money, growing their businesses and establishing a network.

1.   Failure To Learn The Basics

If you’re not a webmaster or web developer, no one is asking you to code and do all those scripting stuffs. But as a blogger, there is nothing wrong with learning the basics of web hosting.

I’ve a blogger friend who outsources every web development process. Even when you’ve all the money to invest in your business, it’s cute to learn the basics. Failure to do so would bring unexpected challenges in the future.

What happens when your webmaster is out of town, you lost his contact address or something terrible happened? Don’t you think your business will suffer? It’s time to sit down, read web hosting book and know what a reseller package mean. Know what linux hosting entails and decide to grow your knowledge. It’s a common advice but highly recommended.

2. Failure To Use The Reseller package

Do you think you can afford the cost of web hosting when you’ve 10 – 100 websites? Maybe you’re not thinking in that direction, but it’s important at this stage. Several bloggers especially the upcoming ones fall into this mistake over and over again.

It’s ideal to subscribe to a reseller package. It affords you the opportunity to host hundreds of website on one particular server. This way, you won’t be charged extra and only have to pay quarterly or yearly.

Before I started using reseller packages, I wasted a lot of money online. But you don’t have to make the mistakes others made – learn from it and take your business to the next level.

3.  Failure To Promote Web Hosting Offers

Who doesn’t like recurring affiliate programs?

It’s the next thing since sliced bread. You can’t be broke if you start referring and recommending the hosting firm you’re using. A blog that’s engaged and receives thousands of responsive visitors is qualified to make money off web hosting packages.

So, why are you not promoting their recurring affiliate programs? Are you scared of losing the trust you’ve built? Don’t be childish; it’s a service you currently use for your business. It’s legit and wise to show your readers what works in terms of the subscription services you use.

Get started with web host affiliate programs. The more people you refer, the more passive income you earn. Do the hard work once and reap consistent rewards in form of paychecks and coupon discounts.

Marketing Takeaway

There you have it, the 3 terrible mistakes made by bloggers which prevents them from profiting with web hosting. Challenge yourself to give the above tips a shot and see how things would go. See you at the top!

Michael Chibuzor is an internet marketing coach. He writes articles on how to build successful home business. At leisure, he shares insights on Movies Netflix Wihome  and other tutorials for beginners like how to set up Netflix on wii. These good movies on Netflix instant and best Netflix streaming movies can help you ease off tension and develop yourself.

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