Google Inc today announced financial results for the quarter and the fiscal year ended December 31, 2011. And guess what, Larry Page, CEO of Google said he is super excited about the growth of Android, Gmail, and Google+.

In Larry’s words: “Google had a really strong quarter ending a great year. Full year revenue was up 29%, and our quarterly revenue blew past the $10 billion mark for the first time,” said Larry Page, CEO of Google. “I am super excited about the growth of Android, Gmail, and Google+, which now has 90 million users globally – well over double what I announced just three months ago. By building a meaningful relationship with our users through Google+ we will create amazing experiences across our services. I’m very excited about what we can do in 2012 – there are tremendous opportunities to help users and grow our business.”

Its important to note that Google is taking concrete steps to make sure the user base of its social network grows at an amazing rate. Google even started a TV ad of its Hangout feature last year and now the integration of Google+ content into search results.