The internet Radio space has a new competitor. Raditaz has launched a free personalized radio for your iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod touch.

Raditaz today introduced what it calls the “future of Internet radio”, delivering over 14M tracks from the cloud to the web, and to iOS and Android devices. Raditaz which brands itself as a radical evolution of the Pandora model, has more than 14M songs in its catalog, unlimited skips, and location awareness.

In a press publication to announce the launch of the service, Raditaz stated that the Internet radio currently has around 80M listeners, and generated hundreds of millions in revenue last year. The press release also stated that by 2015, eMarketer projects that 68% of Internet users will listen to Internet radio WEEKLY compared to 37% in 2011.

“FM radio just doesn’t cut it anymore — our preference for making music personal has changed the way we find and listen to music,” said Tom Brophy, founder and CEO, Raditaz.


  1. Raditaz is so much better than Pandora. 10 more music means alot less repeats. I am discovering so many new bands that i never even knew existed. Thier "Explore" feature is so cool. You can go anywhere in the country and see what other music lovers are listening to.

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