Twitter has acquired Summify but is planning on shutting down the social news service. Summify automatically identifies the most important news stories for you across all of your social networks and delivers to you a personalized email digest in your inbox!. In an answer to the popular acquisition question:

What happens to Summify?

The Summify Team said: We will be disabling new account registrations immediately and we will also be removing some features. We will keep the email summaries for a few more weeks, but at some point we will shut down the current Summify product. In the meantime, if you’re a user of Summify you’ll still receive your summaries, just like before.

Starting today, Summify has disabled new account registrations and some features. Summaries can no longer be public and profile pages and influence pages are out of service.

The Team will be joining Twitter’s Growth team and will continue to explore ways to help people connect and engage with relevant, timely news. They will be moving down to San Francisco and will work out of the Twitter office.