If you want to acquire wealth in this information age, you need to understand the various stages of growing online business startups. These stages are the foundations in which your entire business dealings are based.

A lot of online businesses have failed woefully because the owner neglected the ‘core’ things that can yield profit. I’m challenging you to implement these five stages of online business startups and grow your wealth at the speed of light.

1.   Take away Fear

Fear is the greatest destroyer of business. The moment you accommodate fear into your life and your dealings, ugly things begin to happen. I’ve seen people with fantastic business ideas fail because of fear. At the tender age of your online business, a lot of things would scare hell out of you.

But you should never give in. achieving great exploits in this age demands bravery and eager-to-do spirit.

Kill fear if you can. That which you’re afraid of is afraid of you. So, move forward and achieve your goals.

2.   Determine To Excel

Striving for excellence is a stage you will encounter in your online business startup. It doesn’t matter where you’re now, as time goes by, you would want to be noticed and featured on popular magazines and news portal.

Excellence is a priceless virtue. When you finally succeed in achieving excellence, endeavor to sharpen your thoughts to align to this new status. Doing business online is filled with competition but you’ve to stick around and trounce the seemingly difficult situation.

3.   Protect Your Online Image

What do you make out of your online image?

I’m talking about what others think and say about your name, brand and products. Online reputation management is a wide subject and paramount to any serious entrepreneurs. You need to protect your credibility. Building a positive outlook and web image will take your precious time.

But you should never play down on it. One way to make the journey smoother is to deliver on your promises. Stay away from hype and don’t exaggerate no matter how little.

4.   Getting a Responsive Network

Every online business needs to network with other people. If you’re into e-book sales for instance, you should get acquainted with other bloggers and online entrepreneurs who can help you achieve your e-book sales goal.

At this stage in your business, you need to constantly look in every viable platform where interested persons could be found. This includes social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Also, make use of discussion boards and blogs to connect with other qualified affiliates for your upcoming product launch.

5.   Building Targeted Database

The last stage of growing an online business startup is your database. You need to start capturing your readers’ email so you can market to them in the future. What happens when someone visit your blog and never returns?

You’ve wasted time attracting that responsive traffic but he’s gone. It’s your fault and to avoid that, offer a valuable report or an e-book and request their email address. You could ask for their first name also but it doesn’t matter. The vital tool you need is their email address.

The bigger your mailing database, and the responsiveness of it, the more money and popularity you attain. Don’t neglect list building in any online business model. It’s mandatory. So, get started today.

Marketing Takeaway

You’ve it on a platter. With these five stages of growing an online business, I’m sure you do not have any excuse for failure or complaints. Take action today and begin to implement these tips into your online business. Will you?

About the Author: Michael Chibuzor is an SEO expert and runs a blog at Blast4TrafficNow