So, you have been working round the clock to keep your fan page growing and thriving with visitors and buzzing with their interactions in the form of Likes, sharing, comments etc. But have you ever looked at the details to figure out what fans of your fan page really want from you? Do they want you come up with some funny staffs that may had them roll down the aisle or they are looking for some genuine information that have got nothing to do with the flippancy which are quite omnipresent in most social networking website. Yah, yah I know Facebook is a place to chill out but since we are marketers by profession, probably destined by God, we have to go deep down to the details so that we can have everything before us to make our fan base grow like anything else. And thanks to the introduction of new Facebook metrics, we will be able to have deeper and better insight into what our community wants from us, which will lead to engaging and impressive presence in Facebook.

Let’s try to decipher what remain behind the below metrics:

Main Insight: To start with, you need to click on the Main Sight option and there you will see a graph of the latest activities going around your fan page for the last month. It looks much more improved with additional details to find what is cool and what is not so cool about your fan page. The best part of this main insight section is that it lets you view and analyze individual posts in different ways. Below are some crucial segments that deserve your attention:

Engaged Users: This is the total number of unique people who have got the time to click on your post. The more, the better.
Reach: This is the second most important metric that should not get any less attention from your side. It is the total number of people who happen to find your post in Facebook.
Talking about: This is the number of people who cared to comment onto any particular post or Liked or shared any post.

Virality: This thing involves a simple math. This is the result of “Talking About This” number divided by number “Reach”.

Now, you might wonder how on earth you are supposed to use this number to your advantage. Simple, if you happen to find that the top three pages when sorted by “Engaged Users” are three posts containing some awesome images, you need to focus on posting images in fan page to make each post go viral. Or else you can sort posts based on Virality, and if you find that the top posts are informative, you need to make it a point that the upcoming posts are in line with it if you are to see some progress in the engagement front.

Reach: This section will give detail analysis of people who have come across your posts in your Facebook fan page in one way or the other in the last week. A chart representing demographics of people will be there to make your task easier. There are options to figure out how you have reached your audience in the last week but the most important segment that you need to look out for is the number of people you are reaching more frequently. These people are your code audience and therefore, you cannot afford to lose them.

Check the details carefully and make necessarily changes in the strategy to see more interaction. Try to make some experiments with the number of postings, time of posting etc to be able to see some visible improvements.

Options are there to find information about where the visitors are coming from and the number of page views. If external referrers graph shows that majority of people are coming from Google, you need to pull your socks and get to some actions, I mean, you need to do some guest posting, blog commenting etc to spread the words about your Facebook community.

Likes: Likes is as you know very well is the most important and the most precious thing out there in Facebook. It shows the affections of Facebook users. The Likes area of the metrics show you fans sorted by demographics, a very useful tool to launch and run your future Facebook ad campaign with meticulous efficiency. Go to Graph and then go to “Where Your Likes Came”. Watch the number of spikes and sudden drop in the Likes and Unlike graph and this will give you fair amount of information about what you are doing it right and what you are wrong on a given day.

People Talking About This: This data will give you enough scope to measure actual engagement of the users. This data include almost anything or everything that are elaborated below:

Sharing, commenting or liking a page
mentioning a page in a comment
tagging a page in a photo
Checking in it a place
Answering a posted question
Posting something on the wall of the fan page

So, it seems we have loads of data for crunching. So what are you waiting for? Just start crunching the data to have a deeper and more powerful insight on your Facebook fan page.

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