A lot of people use Google products and services on daily basis. Others have signed on to a few they access constantly.Google has build official mobile versions of some their products, but not all of them are optimized for your mobile device. G-Whizz! Apps has created a Google apps browser to help you access and use your favorite Google products on you smartphone.

If you are an avid user of Google apps, Google Apps Browser will be perfect for you. You have access to over 20 apps right on your smart phone including Google+, Google Docs, reader, Google Voice, Gmail, plus Facebook and Twitter. You can send free text messages, track your schedule with Google Calendar, get driving directions and stay up to date with Google News.

Google Apps Browser 1.5 introduces Smart Tab management which dynamically reorders tabs based on the most-used Google Apps and adds new dedicated Browser and Google Apps search tabs.

Almost all the Google products and features have been covered by the Google Apps Browser. You can Check your Gmail, chat with your friends, You can even keep in touch using Facebook, follow your friends on Twitter, obviously you should be able to connect with friends on Google+, receive chat alerts for Google Talk, send free text messages, watch YouTube videos, find cool pics with Image search, view your favorite photos in Picasa. Google Apps Browser has also integrated with Instapper to make it easy post to Instapaper and Read It Later, you can follow your favorite sites with Reader, access your Google docs files and documents on your mobile device.

Other things you can do with the Google Apps Browser is to discover the perfect restaurant with Places,
track your schedule with Google Calendar,stay up to date with Google News. Almost every Google product you can think of has been covered.