A lot more people are using their smart phones to access websites. iPhone, iPad, and Android app are being developed at an increasing rate. The design of a mobile app is becoming a crucial part of mobile apps. If you are a designer, the good news is that Scoutzie has created a community for mobile designers.

Scoutzie is a community of the best mobile designers from around the world. Scoutzie empower it’s designers to get the best paying gigs, as well as give them the tools needed to find and choose the right opportunities. Companies are able to hire the best and most talented mobile designers.

Scoutzie gives designers the opportuntiy to showcase what they are capable of by creating profiles. A designers profile is made of the designers’ name, your country and a simple description of what you can do. Designer’s emails are also exposed for scouters. Designers are grouped by you platforms, can search for iPhone, iPad, Android, and other designers.

Scoutzie makes sure only the best designers are join the community by allowing designers to invite their colleagues who are also great designers. A designer is allowed to send out two invites. Most are sending this invites to their most talented designer friends. The only way to post your work is to receive an invite from another designer on the site.

Scoutzie was founded by Kirill Zubovsky, a Seattle wantrapreneur, developer, business guy, immature designer and the user-experience expert for Scoutzie.


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