What is the first thing you do when you first step in your office cubicle? Be honest, no need to be a shy guy. Yah, we know you, like most others, are used to check the status or content shared your our friends on Facebook. Then like a sensible human being, you start liking some content, shares pictures that you might have forgot to upload at home or commenting randomly at other photos. But the tea is being served, the whole process gets interrupted and the daily grinding thus goes on. But have you ever wondered why some content appear at the top while other lags behind others? This is not a co-incidence kind of thing; there is a science behind it. Even it determines how much of your content shared by you will be visible to others. Facebook has named it as Edgerank and this is the secret to success. So, here we are going to dive into the details so that you can have a fair idea of what the Edgerank is all about.

4 Pillars of Edgerank that You Should Remain Aware Of:

If you wish to see your brand page on Facebook getting maximum exposure on the news feed sections of the visitors, you need to put some extra effort to ensure that your Facebook fanpage is buzzing with visitors and their activities In the form of shares, comments, likes and all that. The more your fan page manages to draw attention of users, the greater will the chance to surge ahead of others in the news feed of general Facebook users. It will consequently make you see a visible increase in Facebook affinity score. High affinity score gives Facebook a hint that your objects are important and should be placed higher.

Another passing observation is that ‘stalking’ a fan page or a profile does help to improve the affinity score which will certainly lead to higher Edgerank performance. This will have ripple effect in getting to the top in general Facebook users’ news feed. Higher affinity score will lead to better Edgerank and this will eventually give a boost to your website’s visibility in Facebook.

It has been observed that sharing links, photos etc have a direct impact on Edgerank. Probably Edgerank gives more value to photos, videos and links than to status updates and probably comments give the bigger pie of exposure thank Likes. So, keep posting and sharing great images. links, photos etc and the pagerank weight of your Facebook fanpage will increase for sure.

Date and time matters too. Most recent updates are most likely to get better position rather than updated done long time ago. So, now we have all the information about what the edge rank is all about. Lets see how we can ensure a powerful presence in it.

Quality of Fans: Do not envy if your competitors have got more friends, because that does not prove that they have got bigger brain. The number is important but to some extent, what is even more important is whether the fans are really interested about your brand. Ask yourself these questions:

Are the fans commenting on the post proactively?
Do they have an impressive presence in Facebook?
Are they real or just another fake profile maintained for increasing the number of fans in Facebook?
Do they have huge fans and followers in Facebook?

If the answer to all these questions is “Yes”, you have got a strong Facebook fan base to be envy of. So, be anxious about the quality of the fans rather than counting on the number solely.

Quality of Content: To keep your fanpage active and look fresh, you need to do keep on posting things in your fanpage and this is where quality of content comes into being. To have a constant high edgerank and to ensure that the updates are getting the maximum exposure, you need to give utmost attention to quality. However, since the entire thing is determined by some also unknown, you need to make it a point that the updates are getting loves of the fans in the forms of Likes, shares, comments etc.

Give the above tips a go and I believe that a strong and impressive presence is waiting for you in Facebook.

Author Bio: Michael Evans is a blogger and social media addict. He is passionate writer and loves experimenting with FBML and Facebook marketing. Check some of his facebook templates at FanpageTemplates.org

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