Twylah offers you a new way for your followers to follow your Tweets. Twylah takes your Twitter stream and reformats it to look more like a newspaper or a magazine. It gives potential followers an instant summary of the topics you tweet the most about, or in other words, your personal trending tweets. Your Twylah pages show the world who you are and what you’re about at a glance.

Twylah groups your tweets by subject with featured photos. Features includes landing pages for individual tweets, customizing which labels appear and statistics your page. You have the ability to integrate the landing page into your existing website with a custom domain feature.

How Twylah works
Your topics on Twylah are determined by how your followers react to them, or by your influence on any given subject. The tweets which receive the most retweets, replies and reactions from your followers are the ones that make into your list. As you keep using Twylah, it alerts you which topics are creating more of a buzz.

With time Twylah gives you a overview of what works and what doesn’t with your followers, so you’re more likely to give your followers the exact kind of content they want from you. You have control of what shows up and your followers won’t be distracted by other people’s tweets.

Twylah is a great way to improve your rankings on Google and Bing and showcase your Twitter content