If you still do not like Facebook’s timeline profile feature, maybe Facebook’s new Timeline Movie Maker can change your mind.Timeline Movie Maker is an app that creates a movie out of the content on your new Facebook Timline.Timeline Movie Maker was created in conjunction with marketing agency Definition6. Timeline Movie Maker only works if you’ve updated to Facebook’s new profile view called Timeline.

Timeline Movie Maker takes about two minutes to check out and it gets you your movie right away. After clicking “Make Your Movie” and granting the app permission to access personal data, Timeline Movie Maker creates one-minute movies featuring highlights from your timelines.

Once you view your movie, you can edit and replace images, videos, and check-ins that appear, as well as select from various soundtrack options. And the completed movies can be shared via Facebook.

Every time you click a photo, a new one appears, and you may keep clicking until you get a photo that you like. Once done, click Remake, and a new movie with a collection of different pictures will instantly be created.