Are you a startup entrepreneur? Probably, you want helpful and profitable ways to generate income from your small business. Money is the reward of hard work, and if you’re determined to get compensated for your efforts online, I want to share 10 startup income opportunities for online marketers.

1. Pay Per Click Opportunities

The first income opportunity for startup entrepreneurs is pay per click programs. You need a website/blog to harness the potential of PPC offers. There are credible merchants that pay commissions from advertisements they place on your blog. Google AdSense is one potential source to generate consistent income once you’ve a ready and responsive traffic.

2. Premium Email Letters

If you’ve heard about email marketing, premium email letters is an arm of list building and works efficiently to generate income for your startup business. People are skeptical about free information, and so, they’re willing to pay for premium or “special” content which other people cannot have access to. Such experience makes their life worthwhile and boosts their prestige. You could charge $9 – $47 for dedicated email letters that goes out once every week or month.

3. Affiliate Income Embedded

The quickest and consistent way to generate income in your business is to write a short report that’s truly valuable. But before distributing this report for free, you should embed affiliate links naturally within the content of the report and recommend quality products. Then start distributing your valuable report at no cost. Share on social media networks, share on free e-books directory and build email list with it. Effectively promote this valuable report and your earnings would go through the roof.

4. Design Charming E-covers

Are you skilled in graphics and e-cover designs?
You can successfully turn this hobby into a money spinning system. The demand for charming e-covers is ever increasing as more people start their info product businesses. They need you to create covers that sell products.
If you don’t know yet, a book is now judged by its cover. Even before the real content is accessed, the e-cover has to wow buyers.

5. Package and Sell Your Product

The quickest way to become an author is to write an informative e-book and sell online. You don’t need any special skill to get started. In fact, you could outsource product creation to experienced writers and just focus on the marketing aspect. Selling your product can make you rich easily. It’s quite different from affiliate marketing where you share profits with the product owner. If you promote your own product, you keep 100% of the profit – so cool!

6. Corporate Consulting Opportunities

There are hundreds of ways to make money in your business aside your primary target. You could start consulting for corporate firms. Your role is to locate credible and viable hands to handle a project and earn brokerage (commission) when a job is completed. You might not know how the job is being done, just get capable hands to write the articles, research the subject or design the website and get paid for your expert outsourcing. Get started today and see how profitable it can be. Corporate consulting is becoming popular by the day as social media gets better. You could consult for internet marketers, self storage facility companies, professionals, attorneys, technology geeks and service firms.

7. Offer SEO Service To Blog Owners

Blogs are powerful mediums of communication and engagement with the right audience. But getting a blog on Google top 10 can be extremely difficult. That’s where you come in. If you know how to optimize web pages for the right key terms, coupled with relevant and cornerstone contents, you could earn decently for your SEO skills. If you cannot optimize properly, you can learn how SEO works and sharpen further improve your knowledge-base. Read SEO e-books, attend live SEO webinars and listen to real experts speak.

Startup Income Takeaway

It’s not how much you make from the above business opportunities, but it’s how much you keep and how creative you turn your savings into investments. Think of where your business will be in 3 years. Set clear goals and work really “smart” to achieving success. See you at the top!

Michael Chibuzor is a Freelance writer. He runs a blog providing traffic building tips. Read more of his articles at