Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is increasingly becoming competitive and small businesses who don’t have the time, expertise, or resources to be continually managing all their keyword bids are finding it difficult to manage an effective PPC campaign. WordWatch offers automated pay-per-click keyword bidding solutions to small businesses. The company’s bidding engine is powered by proprietary algorithms that automatically find the best bid prices for clicks.

Founded in 2009, WordWatch’s AdWords bid management application was designed for small business advertisers, marketing consultants and freelancers, and small agencies. The application simplifies the daily management of keyword bids and constantly optimizes a customer’s AdWords account.

WordWatch saves advertisers time and money while getting them more clicks and conversions on their AdWords campaigns. Average costs per click have risen 400% over the last four years due to more and more advertisers rushing to get the word out about their products on AdWords but WordWatch wants help you keep costs down in a time where everything else is becoming more expensive.

The service allows you to automate the process of managing the most cost-effective keywords to bid against saving you the time-consuming task of campaign management. WordWatch manages millions of keywords at the same time, analyses campaign data and optimises the user’s bid for every keyword.

WordWatch automatically adds keywords that will produce more clicks for you. To make it more easy to use, once WordWatch has synced with your AdWords account, all you need to do is login and set a clicks maximize or conversions maximize strategy and the app takes care of the rest.You choose your goal and WordWatch will identify keywords with high performance potential and optimize bid prices for increased results.

WordWatch offers a starter package that includes the construction of your AdWords account, multiple campaigns, keyword research, ad copywriting and bid management for 3 months.


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