Angry Birds is a popular mobile game with millions of downloads. Angry Birds is a strategy game developed by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile. There are equally brilliant and great strategy games for your mobile device. “Cut The Rope” is one of the few popular mobile games available for your iPhone and Android device as well. The game can be played online as well. The game was developed in 2010 by Russian developers ZeptoLab and published by Chillingo.

Cut The Rope Mobile – Game Play

Cut the Rope is a physics puzzler and your only goal is to swing a piece of candy hanging from a rope, around each level in order to get it to touch three stars and collect them. The stars represent scoring for each level and the best solution to each puzzle has the player snagging all three. Each level is completed when the piece of ends up in the mouth of Om Nom, a little green lizard pet. Puzzles generally are solved by cutting the ropes holding the candy with a swipe over the screen, in order to get the candy to move around the level predictably.

Cut the Rope became #1 paid app for iPhone and iPad in iTunes App Store the same day it was released. It recorded 60 million game downloads in the first year from initial release without venture money. The DSiWare version of Cut the Rope was released in September 2011 for Europe and November 2011 for North America on Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS systems.

ZeptoLab has received several awards for the release of the Cut the Rope game including Apple Design Award, Pocket Gamer Award, GDC Award and Best App Ever Award.