Most people always prefer to carry their music with them notwithstanding the mobile device they use. A lot of music enthusiasts have a good library in your iTunes and would love to carry their libraries with them when they move or even want to start using an Android device. Airbind happens to make that possible for you. Airbind is a free app that allows you to sync your iTunes library to your Android device over wi-fi.

How Airbind works

1. Download and install the PC or Mac client from
2. Launch Airbind on your Android device.
3. Airbind will discover your iTunes library, and with one click it will start to sync.

The app also auto-sync with your iTunes whenever your PC/Mac and android device are on the same network.

Now you do not have to buy all your music again for your new Android device. You can add music on iTunes then your Android device via airbind. Airbind has no restrictions on number of tracks or playlists you can sync.

You can give it a try and let us know how if you found it useful.