QR code adoption is gradual in the US, but common in Asia. The current market penetration in SE Asia is about 47% and its growth and adoption in western Europe in quite significant as well. In the “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2011” report, it is noted that QR code adoption has been steadily increasing in North America since late 2009. The report further states that “QR codes have the potential, when used in an integrated marketing campaign that leverages their unique capabilities, to drive significant revenue by providing the instantaneous response to user queries that enable calls to action that print cannot offer on its own.”

In an article to explain why QR Codes make sense, Hamilton Chan the CEO and Founder of Paperlinks said “When you see something that you want information about, you no longer have to make a mental note to look it up later on Google. You can simply point your smartphone at the object and obtain the desired information without typing or speaking. In essence, the QR code has become the shortest distance between curiosity and information retrieval.”

Paperlinks enables Context-Sensitive Marketing by generating QR barcodes that can point your customers to information that we host for you on the internet. Paperlinks handles the QR code generation, provides an interface for you to upload your curated content, and distributes a free high-powered app that you can use to interpret your Paperlink.

Once your QR code is generated, you can run your own promotional campaigns, and the driving of potential customers to purchase your products or services through their mobile devices. You can customize your QR code to take on the look and feel of your business. Add a Paperlink to a product, ad, or poster to allow customers to interact with your content.

With the Paperlinks reader, people can scan your code, save dates to their calendar; add contact info into their address book; view maps and directions, all with the smoothness only a native app can deliver.

You don’t need the Paperlinks App to scan a Paperlinks QR code. QR codes generated with Paperlinks can be scanned by any barcode reader on the market.

The Paperlinks app is compatible with any iPhone 3GS/ iPhone 4/ iPad 2, running iOS 4


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