The safety standards and precautions taken for your child in the context of creating and managing child’s account on social websites like Facebook are really very high. Given your child becomes very stubborn to open an account on the social media channels, Facebook are always the best choice for millions of parents. It is not only the brand reputation and loyalty of the company rather it is also about the security management and addressing all the issues that crop up in this age. Most of the parents also treated the website as cluttered with perverts and predators however; it was the sincere efforts of the company employees that had made such a huge improvement.

Precautions after jumping into the world of Facebook

Given that you have allowed your kids to open an account on the social media, you are needed to take some extra precautions. No doubt, all the social media channels will accept the account application for the persons above 13 years. Here are some suggestions –

  • One of the topmost conditions for the parents is that they must know the passwords of their accounts. You should address your child in such a friendly manner the children should always tell the new passwords to you and if possible, only to you. They must understand the importance of security and standards of safety on the internet. No doubt, it will also help you to judge your children whether they are up to your expectations or not!
  • Given you are not interested in owning an account on the social media channels; you will be taking a risk. Make it sure that you also have an account on Facebook and ensure that your child is in the list of your friends. You can simply see then the different postings of your child’s friends. You can also hide your identity on the internet if you are more suspicious about their activities.

Different security setting for Facebook

There are a wide variety of security settings that are made available by Facebook to you. This will help you in managing the entire security settings as per your needs and demands. You will be further capable to learn some more security tips buy visiting Settings>Help options on your page. In the privacy settings of the Facebook, you will find the following options to choose from –

  • Privacy settings by Feature
  • Controlling your privacy
  • Privacy policies and Internet safety
  • Settings Controlling Who Can Find you

You can simply select your topic which you need to customize for the time being.

Reasons for choosing Facebook for your child

  • Facebook has incorporated a new range of settings which will cater to the privacy of more than 350 millions of valued users.
  • Since people of all age groups use the website, it becomes therefore essential for the Facebook to provide child and adults equal level of safety tools. And it does so nicely!
  • In the pages of Facebook, until your child becomes 18 years old, it will be impossible for him or her to get in the external search listings. So, their postings will be clearly displayed only to the schoolmates, work persons and friends added to his profile.

Summary: – It should be noted here that Facebook is not an evil thing for child. Everyone wants to remain connected to his relatives and friends and so, Facebook offers a compatible and secured platform. You should be however, conscious about the postings and change of passwords of the account of your child to keep everything going.

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