Are you a startup entrepreneur?
You already know how much hassles one needs to scale through in starting a business. It’s not as simple as getting a business name and renting an apartment. You need more than that. In this post, I want to show you the 5 major business startup challenges and how you can overcome it.

1. Lack of Capital

The first challenge we face as upcoming entrepreneurs is capital. So many questions flow through our tender minds at this point in our lives. How do I raise capital to finance my business? Should I borrow money from the bank or find a partner? There are several options which you can take advantage of it. But you must be clear on your business objectives.
If you need capital to rent an office apartment, then be focused on that particular objective and work your way to attaining it. The best way to get money is to liaise with an interested partner, pull resources together and start off small.

2. Lack of Indecision

If you don’t make decisions in your startup business, you’re likely going to remain in one place for a long time. Decisions are the ‘salt’ that adds taste to life. When situations and challenges confront you, the only weapon of victory is decision.
A lot of startup entrepreneurs don’t know how to take decisions. They first need to resort to others before grabbing opportunities. Yes, decisions precede opportunities and the earlier you learn how to see through the veil, the better opportunities you get. Get to know what you’re surfing with; business is about taking action. Don’t be sluggish and indecisive. Don’t wait until the sky is blue before you step out. Start now!

3. Lack of Clear Vision

A lot of startup businesses will fail as a result of unclear vision. If your vision to become a chartered accountant is vague or dim, you won’t go far. You might successfully finish your tertiary studies in this field, but the chances of making headway in that angle are limited. Go with vision and ensure you can see through it. Vision must be clear, and could be explained to a 2-year old. If you cannot explain why you started a business in one sentence, you need to ask yourself questions.

4. Lack of Potential Prospects

This is the #1 business startup challenge for internet marketers. I discovered a long time ago that internet marketing revolves around targeted traffic or visitors. Once your website or blog is active, the next desire is to get the right people there.If you don’t have enough targeted visitors coming to your website, how on earth will you sell your e-book, get subscribers to your online business and even land paying clients who need your services?
Solution: the best way to drive traffic online is to start content marketing. Not just writing articles, you could create short videos and upload to All in all, solve the problem your audience is facing. Target long tail keywords and luckily, you’ll rank on Google top 10 easily – imagine the number of potential prospects you’ll get when this is done.

5. Lack Of Effective Customer Service

The last challenge faced by startup businesses is ineffective customer service. Any business that fails in this regard will not go far in life. Satisfying prospects and customers is the sustaining power of your startup business.
Every business needs a sustainable customer service. Whatever you’re selling or service you render, consulting, blogging, web development, vending machines sale and services, banking and finance etc. You need to have a strong customer service. You must be determined to strengthen the customer service department of your business. Whether you run an online business or offline venture, customer service is the #1 key that opens diverse doors of wealth. It encourages repeated buyers when properly harnessed and can mar your long term efforts if you don’t do it well.

Startup Business Recap

There is no better time to build your business. In this 21st century, anyone with current information is qualified to accumulate wealth. But your confidence has to be at its peak all the time – think success, act success and achieve success. See you at the top.

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