Lots of people love the idea of sharing music on social sites and most of them have gone a step further to downloads apps for their smartphones. Spotify has already partnered with Facebook to make sharing music from Spotify possible and easy on Facebook. SoundTracking is one of such apps that makes it easy to share your music moments as they happen. SoundTracking lets users not only identify what song they are listening to, but also seamlessly share the track with friends and followers from Facebook, Twitter and foursquare.

SoundTracking lets you create “musical postcards” that can then be shared with friends on social sites. SoundTracking is one of  the most shared music services on Twitter. It is also popular among music celebrities, including Alicia Keys. The app can autodetect the song that is playing in a room, and posts can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Clicking on the map icon in a Soundtracking post reveals all posts that users have posted at that location.

You can discover new music by viewing the content posted by others. A preview of the song is available for free, and a full version can be purchased in iTunes or through the music screening services Spotify or Rdio on Android devices.

How it works
To use SoundTracking, people take pictures, log their locations and attach the songs they are listening to at that moment. They can then share the experience with others, on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

SoundTracking was developed by Schematic labs, a mobile app incubator in San Francisco, which focuses on social and entertainment applications. SoundTracking is the first app released by the company.