Corbis, a privately held company started by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in 1989 which provides photos and film video for advertisers has launched GreenLight Music service. GreenLight Music is an online marketplace where companies can secure rights to music for use in corporate videos, tradeshows, sales meetings and Web sites.

How GreenLight Music Works

To use a song for a corporate presentation, video or any other commercial use, you usually need a license. Getting a license from music labels and publishers can be difficult and frustrating. GreenLight Music provides a one-stop shop to license songs for common commercial uses, such as videos, presentations, campaigns, and more.

GreenLight Music offers two paths for licensing- Make an offer and Get it now.

GreenLight Music allows you to name your price for the song you want.. When you make an offer, GreenLight goes to work securing the necessary approval from song owners.

With  Get it now licensing, you can browse a selection of great songs at preapproved prices. With just a few clicks, you can license a song for a popular use, and then use it right away.

“GreenLight Music is a breakthrough, online solution that takes music licensing from a complex process, to a simple, online experience requiring only a few clicks,” said Gary Shenk, Chief Executive Officer of Corbis in a statement.