An online press release is one of the best and cheapest ways to gain SEO traction and get valuable links for your website on relevant keywords and drive traffic via the search engines. A press release allows you media coverage, create links for your website and bring relevant organic traffic.

Here are some tips to make your press release more SEO friendly and use it effectively.

1. Keep the target audience in mind. Don’t use technical and industry jargon. Keep it simple and use a style of writing that enables ordinary users to understand and connect. Use keywords that your potential audience is searching for. Do some keyword research for it but don’t stuff the content with keywords. Use them judiciously and in a way that keeps it natural.

2. Use hyperlinks within the textual content and make the important works bold to make them stand out. The content should be hyperlinked to other useful information that the reader may want to refer to. Users and journalists like Hyperlinks.

3. The press release should have anchor text links with the keywords to your website and at least one links should refer to the internal pages of the website.

4. Keep the content short and 250 to 350 words is the limit for an online press release. You want to keep the user engaged and not lose his interest. You want the main content should be read on your website. Long press releases enter into Article territory and should be avoided. Some website may not carry them. The content should be SEO optimized and writing should be top-notch.

5. You would need to send out the press release to your existing clients, industry experts, journalists and bloggers. The more people you reach out, the more benefits you get. Include a personal email with each submission where required so that the content gets published on authority sites.

6. Always remember that you need a story to tell for it to be published. So the content should be newsworthy and interesting. Think why should the reader read the news and then write.

7. Add images and video to the news content and if possible, link the video to your website or YouTube channel.

Most of the online PR sites are free but some do charge for carrying the news. Check if you have the budget and use the paid ones as well for publishing as these websites generally offer benefits of instant publishing and content syndication. So you get more audience with little effort.

About Author: Roberta Smith is an Entrepreneur who designs and develops solutions for a business. She also writes as a freelancer for a number of online communities, including Mark Kia

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