Every business stick to the best practices that can bring in the most revenues. Business is all about the money and profits unless of course its a social enterprise, even that you can make money and use the profit for social causes. Your team’s performance determines your business output and its overall profit. That is why you need to hire the very best and work towards maintaining them and keeping them.

Most businesses set goals to achieve a certain percentage of revenues by close of the fiscal year. You may want to grow your business revenues by 30 percent, 50 percent or even 70 percent. Depending on your revenues in the previous year, you can always set the bar high enough and work towards achieving it.

There are different ways to grow your business revenues. You could access and reward performance based on targets set for each team or employee. Businesses have different reasons and ways of increasing revenues. Some businesses try different methods and stick with the once that achieve the most results. The most important factor in every business success is its people. You need to attract the right talent who would come in with the right attitude and motivation. Once you have the right team, the rest will follow easily.

Again you have to be able to match core strengths of your employees and new hires with market opportunity-what is the competitive advantage that sets your product/service/brand apart from your competition. And what are you doing to maintain that edge to lead the market in which you operate.

A key factor in building strategy and growing profits is to engage the sales team in a positive way. Identify where the best opportunities are for them, ask them how these can be measured, provide the relevant support and resources, demonstrate unwavering leadership by pointing the team strengths towards the corporate objectives and watch them perform. In a nutshell, hire great sales team and give them freedom to be awesome.

Finally, get ahead of the market curve on a new technology that is an industry break-through. Businesses that are known to be agile and can easily adapt to market changes reap the most profits. New relevant technology that can speed processes, productivity level, decision making, going to market have proven to work for lots of great and lasting businesses. Business growth strategies  that work for your competition may not necessarily work for you, be agile and build on what works for your company.