Vitrue, a social enterprise platform, today announced the launch of a new Instagram Tab module as part of its Vitrue Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform, providing marketers with the ability to seamlessly integrate Instagram photos within Facebook Pages.

Vitrue’s SaaS platform solution helps global brands and agencies manage their social relationships with consumers as well as deploy social marketing campaigns and communications that easily achieve scale with the ability to deliver hyper-targeted content at regional and local levels.

Vitrue’s Instagram Tab module is embedded within a brand’s Facebook Page and automatically pulls Instagram content – pre-defined by the brand – into a Tab view. The Tab view is presented in a consumer-friendly layout and incorporates the “like,” “comment,” and “share” functionalities, resulting in content being instantly shared across the Facebook environment.

Additionally, Vitrue will include a “voting” function within the module, enabling brands to conduct contests through Instagram photos on their Page.

Vitrue SRM platform collectively manages more than one billion social relationships in over 100 countries across more than 4,500 social accounts for its clients.