It seems that every day a new tool is launched to help you with build and launch your own website and often with a very simple editor or blogging platform. One of the newer entries into this space is the startup Sidengo which is currently in the alpha phase of its life span.

Sidengo offers many features a website owner would want. Some of them are staples of website building services, while others are innovative new features that help differentiate it from similar sites. One of these staple features is easy to build tools. No coding experience is needed and with the simple forms and basic layouts it doesn’t take long to get your site up and running. Social media is becoming more of a staple among these services, and Sidengo is no different. Not only does your site let visitors share, but you can also integrate your Facebook and Twitter pages within the site as well complete with the respective buttons and content streams.

The other staple feature is hosting. Almost every website building service not only offers to host your site for you but also lets you get your own custom domain should you decide you want one. In addition, Sidengo also gives you a customizable favicon and app icon. In addition, Sidengo also offers many of the content options to help augment text. Among these options is the ability to upload pictures, stream Youtube videos, upload PDF files, and display power point presentations. Also you can also customize forms to fit your site and receive information from your visitors that may be necessary for your business or just general feedback.

So what exactly makes Sidengo different and not just some cookie cutter copy of many other similar sites? Well one of its key features is the fact that you a get an iOS web app right out of the box. The sites you build are not only optimized for viewing on an iPhone or iPad, but it can also be installed as a native app on the device. This allows people to view your site when outside of the browser. Sidengo also offers your site in the form of an interactive widget which can also double as an advertisement on third party sites. You also get a QR code that comes with your site. Though this is available through many other services, it is nice that it comes along as part of the package.

While Sidengo is still in alpha, it garners plenty of interest. No words of pricing or premium plans have emerged but it is likely something Sidengo will look into in the future as well as expanding its site features.

About the Author: Kayvon Ghoreshi is a freelancer for WebtrafficROI, a blog about web design, social media, and writing tips

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