The desire to make a perfect balance between work and personal life is a huge factor in every career decision. Every decision you make can get you closer to that balance or take you farther away from it. Its you call and it has to be right. The good news is that you can equally make a good transition to another career when planned well. Every industry has its own challenges and depending on your background, there are always opportunities available to you.

Exploring the possibility of making a transition to another industry is also possible, but it could take time. Professionals in the finance sector have a better option of moving up or down the financial ladder but it is worth mentioning that actuary jobs require some level of statistics and mathematics. Your success in any transition generally depends on your educational background and experience. And every industry has its demands and finance is no exception.

Before you make that crucial decision to change careers, consider all the options you have and state clearly why you need to make that change. Why do you need to make that transition? Do you have to make that transition now or later. Who will be affected by that decision especially if you have a family to take care of. Is job satisfaction a factor? and will the new job or career you are targeting guarantee you that satisfaction.

Every career transition requires some level of skill and you should be prepared to upgrade yourself where necessary.Any skill upgrade needs to be planned and done when you have finally made that decision to move to a particular career.

In most companies, there are opportunities for growth and advancement. Keep an eye on such opportunities inside your old company. Many employers will allow professionals and their great talent the opportunity to advance to other departments to avoid losing a valuable employee. Always discover what is available before moving out to a new company. Of course it’s also important to consider a move even from your own company if you will find the job satisfaction you need, deserve or expert.

If you are also considering the idea of starting you own business, do your research, find out what works in that industry, who your competition is, how big the size of the market is, whether there is even a need for the business you want to set up. Entrepreneurship is a viable career change option but you should be reminded about its sacrifices and commitments. You could go without a salary for a very long time if you enjoy a salary now. You also risk loosing even the whole business and your initial investment. But entrepreneurship pays in the end if you can stick around and persevere to achieve your goals.

“Analyzing what you haven’t got as well as what you have is a necessary ingredient of a career.” Orison Swett Marden