It’s no wonder that addiction for tech gadgets like iPhone and iPad is creeping up every day, not only amongst the adults but also amongst children of all age bracket. Do you want to know whether your kid is addicted to an iPhone or iPad? There is no such standard parameter that can help you to know at what level your kid may get addicted to these gadgets, though, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has recommended a few hallmarks of the condition that should be followed by the guardians to know about their kid’s mental status.

Keep your eyes open to read the symptoms of iPhone/iPad or any other gadget addiction in your child and take prompt measures that will help you to get your child back on track.

 How iPhone Addiction Develops in Kids

Addiction is something that makes you dependent on something, a habit that grows constantly and without which you cannot even think of living or spending a single day. Naturally it has an adverse effect on people’s mind and body and if children are getting addicted to gadgets like iPhone or iPad, it will be more difficult to control them.

Their growth process and happiness will be severely affected by such addiction, gradually turning into an obsession. So, you need to be aware and watchful to find whether any of the following symptoms of iPhone/iPad addiction is developing in your kid or not.

The first thing they do in the morning is asking for the iPhone or asking about it constantly.

•Spending long time on the iPhone if they are not monitored.

•Giving up all other activities and preferring to play with the iPhone only.

•Developing antisocial behavior while using the iPhone.

•Displaying separation anxiety syndrome if they are not allowed to play with the iPhone.

•Aggressive or hostile behavior in relation to the iPhone or iPad.

Sometimes, such behaviours may occur naturally amongst children but when it comes to a case of iPhone addiction, these symptoms appear more frequently that often lead to severity.

You need not get panicked for your children because there are a few simple precautionary steps that you should apply to prevent and cure iPhone addiction in kids.

How to Keep Your Children Away from iPhone Addiction or Treat the Addicted Ones

This can be done by parents by limiting their children’s access to the iPhone/iPhone early in life. This kind of restriction would help prevent iPhone addiction.

For Younger Kids

Even this subject has two different approaches.

1. Some concerned parents believe in keeping technology completely out of their kid’s reach whilst the others don’t find it too convincing. They advocate in favour of taking a moderate approach to technology in which people should show faith in their children and expose them to the latest technologies in a highly supervised environment and that for a definite period of time.

2. Setting a daily time schedule can be extremely helpful for children. It helps them to keep balance in their daily activities and avoid iPhone addiction at a tender age. You should also encourage them to engage in a healthy mix of activities. It will help them to nurture their talents as well as keep them away from the screen for long

For Older Kids:

1. For older kids, it is necessary to make them learn responsible use of gadgets. Explain your expectations with them clearly or physically secure your iPhone or iPad beyond their access, if necessary. This kind of hands-on parenting is extremely important to treat children with iPhone addiction.

2. Encourage your children to take up new hobbies that would boost their self-confidence and keep them busy. This ultimately helps them to get rid of the iPhone addiction.

3. Read various articles available on the internet and get necessary tips on how to prevent iPhone and iPad addiction. You will also get necessary information on iPhone/iPad security to restrict your kid’s access in case they manage to get the device.

Are you also dealing with similar problem or do you know someone with kids having iPhone addiction? Let us know your views on this.

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