The dramatic success of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus leave much to think about. What made them so popular? Are they really so good, so innovative, so well-made? Who knows? Tastes are different especially when the talk is about choosing among social networking sites like these giants. If you try to make clear which one of them is more acceptable, more suitable or more appropriate to your needs then be ready to spend long hours on this fussy question.

Facebook is good when you want to chat with your friends about any issue. It gives you the opportunity to express your long and awesome ideas, share the latest photos that you have had and the latest videos you have watched. It is really good for promoting your business. Now with its new Timeline you are able to tell your brand story to the Facebook society. It even makes possible to insert photos and videos, which is like advertising your company on TV without wasting your money. Though it was not enough for them and they decided to take up their own social search engine. This engine is not that advanced but it will be able to find which photo or video has the most “likes” and comments. Agree Facebook marketing seems perfect from which corner you look at it.

Twitter – a platform where every day thousands of people express their either stupid or ridiculous ideas. Among 140 characters Twitter users set everything that excites troubles or irritates them on their Twitter account. Twitter also allows you share video links. However this does not mean that you can’t find anything useful on Twitter. It is perfect for promoting your company. It allows finding people with the same business interest. In one word Twitter is good for business purposes.

Google Plus – this neatly deliberated and systematized network is Google’s awesome innovation which has come up to to make Facebook dreams gloomy and depressing. Its circles are splendid. It overtook Facebook on the context of circles. Differentiating people into friends, acquaintances, family etc is really witty.  No wonder that this idea belongs to the Google. This eternal searching system will still open new ways for Google Plus, YouTube, Gmail etc.

So what can I add besides “Keep tight Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites! The Google campaign is not inclined to stop its progress. They will not stay in piece till they have not taken all the advantages from all of you”.

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