Huge Traffic makes the value of any blog. Creating any blog is quite easy enough but maintaining the blog and driving the huge traffic to it measures the actual success of your blog. The most important factor of driving huge traffic to any blog is the quality of the content posted in it and how frequently the post published in it.

To attract more and more visitors to your blog, follow the list of easy steps described below:

1.)     Write Quality Content

Quality of the content matters a lot.  The information provided in the content should be very useful to the readers, so that they again and again come to your blog for reading useful, meaningful and informative posts.  Never compromise with the quality of the content. Fresh and unique content always drive traffic to the blog.

2.)    Proper Navigation structure

Navigational structure should be properly designed so that visitors can easily move to another pages or posts of the blog. This helps to stick the visitors for a long time at your blog. Hence, reduces bounce rate and increases blog’s value.

3.)    Share your blog

Share your blog URL wherever possible like use “Trackback URL” to share your blog posts in other’s blog and vice-versa. Also share your blog posts in some social networking sites so that more and more users can read the posts which results to increase in traffic.

4.)    Allow visitors to Subscribe to your posts

Use a tool Feed burner which allows your visitors to subscribe your blog posts to stay connected with your blog. Whenever anything published in your blog, they will get the notice.

5.)    Active Blog Comments

Blog comments are the most common method of attracting traffic to the blogs. Enable the comments tool and start interacting with your visitors by discussing, putting questions and giving answers to your readers.

6.)    Ask Questions

This is one of the best ways to interact with your visitors and also show them your care. Just ask a question and let the visitors will leave the answers in response.

7.)    Regular Blog Updating

Try to update your posts regularly but at least twice a week is must. An updated post will drive more traffic.

8.)    Tag your posts

Add various tag buttons to your blog posts such as “Like Post”. These are highly noticed by the search engines.

9.)    Guest Blogging

Allowing guest blogging will make your blog frequently updated with fresh content and also allow others to establish their names and boost up the reputation. This is the most effective method to increase the blog traffic.

10.)  Proper SEO

Optimize your blog properly. This will allow search engines to rank your blog high which will in result drive huge traffic to your site. Include relevant keywords to your blog pages and remember not to do keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing will considered as spamming which in result will remove your blog from the Google search engine entirely.

11.)  Useful Link Building

Building links drive huge traffic. So generate good quality and relevant links that will help you to increase your page rank as well as traffic to your site.

12.)  Add your blog link in your signature

This will bring a huge traffic to your blog. Adding a link in your signature will take only a few seconds but this will make you feel good also that through your signature link huge traffic goes to your blog.

About the author: Roberta Smith is an Entrepreneur who designs and develops solutions for a business. 

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  1. Writing good content – the easiest and, at the same time, the hardest advice to follow. So much simpler to spend your time reading.

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