Every young entrepreneur is looking for loopholes to make more money. I don’t know about you, but majority of us wants to increase our income, and make our small business bigger. I’ve come to realize that setting up a business is a personal decision, but profiting from it requires extra efforts and often, these efforts are borne from constant learning and action taking. I want to draw your attention on 10 smart strategies to double your online earnings, without biting your fingers. Your family needs you, why would you work 10 hours before you attain something – let’s make it interesting. Are you ready?

1. Trust Your Instincts

As a young entrepreneur, there are thoughts flowing through your tender mind. You’ve got to coordinate the process and use it to your profiting. Often times, when you think about something, we discard it immediately because we believe it isn’t realistic. When an idea drops in your mind, it’s a great time to meditate on it. Even when the idea seems like nonsense, don’t neglect it. It could be an opportunity to explore the world around you. I believe every idea is meant to uplift your business. But you’ve got to analyze it. Your instinct wants you to believe in yourself – whatever amount of money you desire is achievable. Do you believe this?

2. Learn What You Don’t Know

You’re at your present level because of the information you’ve. The moment you increase your knowledge-base and put it to work, your income would grow massively. When I started marketing online in 2007, I earned nothing significant. You know why? What I thought was effective marketing was actually hype. I kept using this ugly marketing style to scare prospects away. In 2010, I realized how much agony this has caused my online business and decided to invest in knowledge. That same year, I earned my first $2,650 from recurring affiliate program and I still continue to receive decent income from monthly renewals. If your current knowledge is an obstacle to your income (actually, it is), you should get more savvy – educate yourself and make more money.

3. Launch an Affiliate Program

You can’t continue sharing profit with product owners. This year, make it a duty to launch your own product and source for affiliates. There are armies of affiliate marketers who are willing and smart enough to multiply your income. Affiliate marketing by itself cannot make you the kind of money you need. Oh, it’s made a lot of people rich but they started earlier than you. 6 years ago, when the internet was fertile and unsaturated, those who started affiliate marketing made so much money. You could still earn money today, but the competition is fierce. But when you launch your own product, get affiliates to promote and strike a good commission rate, you’ll automatically double your income.

4. Target Product Name Terms

I couldn’t neglect the potential of SEO traffic when done right. Niche marketing is super-fabulous and any serious young entrepreneur can use it to boost income. Product name terms could help you achieve top 10 Google ranking within 30 days if you build quality and relevant links to it. Using this “product name term” as the anchor text, write detailed article, submit on your blog, write another and get it featured on niche blogs in exchange for links back to your blog. Product names such as Parallels coupon, VMware coupon and raxco coupon are viable terms to target. Sit back, relax and watch your ranking soar. If your niche blog is creatively monetized, you can earn decently to quit your 9 – 5 job if you still retain one. Research product name terms today, and use it to dominate search engines.

5. Forget One-Off Programs, Focus On Recurring

Who doesn’t like easy money that comes passively?
When we talk about passive income, we’re referring to income you didn’t work for. No, you actually worked for it some months ago, but the system has started yielding results even when you’re away. Making money as an affiliate marketer is fun and comes with its hurdle. Instead of wasting time with one-off offers, you should stick to recurring affiliate programs that pay monthly. What does this mean? If you successfully refer few persons to use such services, you’ll consistently receive payments for life (as long as the referred doesn’t unsubscribe).

6. Don’t Churn & Burn Your Business

If you’re a freelancer, you should know the meaning of those words, “churn & burn.” Dealing with clients is our core assignment. But getting these clients isn’t a child’s play. You’ve got to market yourself and be everywhere that matters.
When you finally land a fantastic freelance project, do you discard the client and start looking for another all over again? If that’s your meat, it means you’ve been churning and burning – please stop it, you won’t increase your earnings reshuffling.Treat clients’ right, and convert them to repeated and long term associates. The more you stay with and treat them fine, the more gigs they send your way, thereby doubling your online earnings.

Stop Selling, Start Pre-selling

Do you think you’re a great salesperson?
I don’t think so. When it comes to internet marketing, you’re never to sell or persuade someone to buy. That’s the duty of a sales page. Naturally, every prospect wants to be in charge. The moment you start pushing products to someone, they’ll automatically decode the wrong message. Have you considered Amazon and how they make sales? You may argue they’re selling their Kindle E-reader but that’s not true. They would simply pre-sell with consumer reviews and ratings. I’ve bought several items from Amazon as a result of consumer ratings I read. Use product reviews, short and interesting video clips to boost your sales. Don’t sell, it’s not your duty – just pre-sell and when your buyer hits the sales page, they’ll buy easily.

Michael Chibuzor is a Freelance Writer and often writes about discount deals at coupon blogs that share the software reviews and news. He is currently contributing to the VeryBestSoftware.Net, a technology blog

Michael Chibuzor is a Freelance writer. He runs a blog providing traffic building tips. Read more of his articles at Blast4TrafficNow.net


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