Mobile has now gone mainstream and the growth is phenomenal. This trend offers a huge opportunity for marketers and business owners to reach mobile users right on their mobile devices. If your business has not yet gone mobile, you should consider it again.

Millions of people now use their smartphones to search, interact and work at the same time. Smartphones have become a necessary evil for consumers. Mobile marketplace businesses including madvertise mobile advertising offers mobile campaign placements to expose your business to mobile users.

Big players like Apple and Samsung have taken advantage of the growth and demand for mobile devices and are releasing devices that meet the demands of insatiable consumers. The trend will continue and a lot more people are yet to purchase their first smart mobile devices. Nielsen’s 2011 “State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report” states that The number of smartphone subscribers using the mobile Internet has grown 45 percent since 2010.

In the same report, it was observed that,”the majority of smartphone owners (62%) have downloaded apps on their devices and games are the top application category used in the past 30 days”. Mobile Consumers spend greater percentage of their time interacting and using apps. Most of these apps offers great opportunity for your business as well. You could either create your app for consumers to download or advertise on apps with greater number of usage.

Mobile devices and its usage presents new opportunities for you and the time to consider where to allocate your marketing budget is now. There is now high level of innovation and competition among mobile technology giants including Apple, Samsung, Google and Amazon to offer consumers improved devices.

Mobile adoption will continue to see significant growth in the coming years and your business should look into it now. Unfortunately advertisers are yet to catch up with the mobile usage growth. Mobile advertising has huge opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers with their products and services.

Mind Commerce estimates that global spending on mobile advertising and marketing initiatives will reach nearly $37.5 billion in 2012, a near 15% compounded annual growth rate since 2008. Mobile advertising is the new way to reach the new consumer. Allocate resources to better understand your prospective consumers and how they spend and from which devices to better reach them with your products and services.