Millions of consumers shoppers are either searching for products to buy or using a mobile app to shop as you read this article. The growth of mobile shopping is overwhelming and most importantly it keeps growing at an amazing rate. The time for you to create a mobile app for your online store is now. Smartphones and tablets are becoming the new way to shop on the go. Orders and purchases can be made without restriction and millions of online mobile shoppers are taking advantage of this opportunity.

There are great ecommerce solutions that make it easier to create an online store without delay. Once that is up and running, build a mobile app for your store to reach out to the millions of smartphone and tablet users. If your online store is already up and running, its important to consider building a mobile version of your store to increase sales and revenue.

According to a new survey by Local Corporation and the e-tailing group, 64% of tablet owners say they have made at least one purchase via their device in the previous six months, compared with 48% of smartphone owners who say the same. The ease of shopping on mobile devices makes it the preferred way to buy products online. And the growth of mobile devices among consumers today makes it even easier to reach your consumers through mobile devices they use on daily basis.

More and more consumers are finding it easier to conduct research about a product before making the final decision to purchase. In the same survey cited above by Local Corporation, more than one-third (36%) of tablet owners cite various features of the tablet (zoom, rotate, etc.) as a key driver of purchasing more via tablet, while the same proportion (36%) cite portability as a key driver. Consumers will in a few years find it much more convenient to make purchases via a mobile device without the fear loosing personal information. Retail mobile apps are getting more secure as well, giving consumers a lot more confidence to trust online retailers with their financial data.

Consumers are likely to spend more with their mobile devices than on a website. Mobile users interact better with an app and spend more time using apps. Most importantly for marketing and branding purposes, you can integrate your app with your blog or your social media platforms especially if you have existing content and information for your fans customers.

Mobile apps offers you the opportunity to share new product information, discount sales information, coupons and freebies with your customers. And the best part of this is that your customers can easily share product information with their friends via various social platforms. Customers can also rate and comment on your products for easy assessment of how your store is performing.

Mobile devices have changed the way people communicate and shop online, commit resources to mobile application development for your online store today and you have the chance to increase your customer base.