Millions of people benefit from high-speed Internet in various ways. In today’s era, getting access to information has made finding a quality fiber internet provider a necessity. Some trends that require people to use high-speed Internet connections include Grid Computing, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Peer-to-peer technology.

European Commission’s Investment Plans For High-Speed Broadband Infrastructure

The European commission will invest £8 billion in providing high-speed internet to Europeans. The investment plan also aims to bring changes to rural broadband. Additionally, this initiative will help European broadband market to offer digital public services.

Contribution in European Households

Many households do not enjoy the benefit of high-speed internet connection. In order to contribute well to the European households, the European commission has set specific goals to improve home internet speeds. This plan will be implemented across Europe.

If the plan is implemented successfully, European households will be able to use 30 Mbps by 2020. This indicates that fifty percent of the European population will enjoy 100 Mbps or more than that. Therefore, the continent will be able to be more productive and competitive.

Economic Need

Although the European commission has made an effective plan to cater the European market, the European parliament will have to approve the plan first. This depends on the feasibility of the plan. After approval, they will invest funds on high-speed broadband connections between 2014 and 2020.

European Union emphasizes on the importance of high-speed broadband connection in Europe. The Internet is the most significant factor that contributes towards economic growth. Therefore, the economy needs the Internet to stay connected to the world.

Once the European market is well connected to others, its economy will prosper. This will be possible when the Internet will help increase employment in Europe.

A Growing Hope for the European Market

High-speed broadband connection will require an investment of €7 billion. This funding will mostly include equity and debt instruments. Broadband only deals will give various benefits to the European market.

Moreover, the European market has good hopes for the future. If investments in the infrastructure of high-speed broadband show credibility, then the private sector will also be encouraged to invest. In addition to that, the national as well as local governments will also show their interest in investing. The further investments can reach € 50 billion.

One the European market avails the opportunity of using high-speed Internet connection, it will have access to various other services. For instance, they will be able to avail e-health services, energy networks, and cyber security online. It will bring convenience to the Internet users this way.

Moreover, the European market will have exposure of new players. These will include companies that provide electricity, water, and sewage to the Europeans.

High-Speed Internet’s Contribution to the Rural Development

The European commission plans to invest additional funds in providing Internet connection to rural areas. Implementing such a wide strategy is a challenging task. This is because telecom companies render broadband only deals to people in urban areas only. The main reason behind their focused target market is that it is more profitable to invest in urban areas as compared to rural areas.

Although the European commission’s main objective is to enable all European citizens to use the Internet, it also aims to introduce public services for them. They can avail public facilities online this way. Some more projects can give a boost to rural development. For example, if the European commission comes up with electronic identity schemes, it will benefit each and every citizen.

Practicing European Culture

Online systems can help Europeans upload information about their culture on the Internet. It will benefit tourists too. If they want to search information about the European culture, they can easily get it from the Internet. This gives ease to them because the online system also fosters accessibility to the European culture.

More Jobs for the European Market

A heavy investment on high-speed Internet connection brings new hopes to the European market. After the commission has invested funds on the telecom equipment and construction, more jobs will be available. This applies specifically to the unemployed Europeans. After all, installing fiber cable networks will require a lot of workforce.  It will eventually help in economic growth.

Author: Shannen Doherty

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