For many years people have been looking for different means of communication. With the evolution of mankind and humanity there appear to be new ways to cover distance and interact efficiently. The use of Internet seems to easy this process greatly and brings comfort.

Nowadays this problem seems to be solved, as there are a number of social network services to do the job. One of them, a huge giant in this domain is Twitter, an online social networking that enables people to communicate all around the world. It has attracted people so much that each day new and new persons express a wish to become a member and user of this great “family” called Twitter.

Users always find time to express their needs and wishes via 140 characters. This huge platform allows having a direct interaction with individuals from different countries. Distance matters are not a problem anymore and it has become a very convenient means of communication. Though there sometimes appear to be difficulties to express your thoughts within 140 characters. This makes you to edit your tweet, make it shorter then post it.

In this two-way interaction users try to do their best to gain more followers and become active users. To avoid annoying and uninteresting situations users are encouraged to get rid of repeated topics and links. As in every type of communication here also the main focus is on engagement, interaction with a group of people with who you are connected even at some degree.

To provide a continual conversation users should not only answer other users’ tweets and links. It is a necessity to start your own communication series. If a user wants to gain more responses he/she must follow all comments and re-tweet them .It should be noted here that trying to find a topic or link that will gain much attention and followers is not an easy task.

This a very relative matter, as what is regarded interesting or amusing by one user or group can’t be so by others. Different topics can arouse different associations and reactions but each user knows the people involved in his/her follow groups in some degree and at least they have one common thing so this problem can be solved easily.

This way of communication is very widespread and each day new users are involved in it and it is not in vein that at present Twitter comprises more than 300 million users.

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