When any one starts a small or home based business, the need is to market and advertise the business in such a manner that majority of people are attracted to it. When people plan to advertise their product and make contact with the consumers via blog, website or simply over the internet, the most important thing would be to select a domain name.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is simply your address over the internet where you connect with millions of users over the World Wide Web. Your domain name should be precise, easy to verbalize, easy to memorize and easy to locate and search on the internet. Some people go for a domain name that is enriched with keywords, but it’s not a compulsion for all. It is advised to select and have a domain name that can be spelled conveniently and memorized easily by anyone.

Handy tips while choosing a domain name

Following are some tips which would guide you to select an appropriate domain name for your home based business

1. Never copy an already registered brand name. Be creative and make your own unique name

Copying an already existing brand name would get you in many kinds of trouble. The existing company might file a legal complaint against your company and you might be confronted with many legal complications causing potential harm to your professional image. Be creative and imaginative and create your own unique name that will truly reflect your business in the best possible manner.

2. Try to select a name that is reflective of your brand’s function

Make catchy slogans or a brief message that reflects what your product, service or brand is for. Your slogan reflects your business. It attracts people because consumers over the internet want things to be quite instant. They won’t be reading through your entire blog or website to know about the product. The title or the slogan will catch their attention and they are more likely to make a contact with your company.

3. Choose a domain name that is simple, easy and convenient to verbalize

Always choose a domain name that people find easy to spell and memorize. Difficult names that are difficult to pronounce and spell might be of no use for your website. People won’t be able to find you over the internet if you spelled your domain name incorrectly or have difficult words that might get you in to loss instead of profit because a difficult domain name might cost you with a heavy traffic.

 4. Keep your extension as “.com”

Now days there are various extensions available such as .info, .org and etc. A .com extension is the most well recognized extension among web users till date. All over the internet it’s the most widely and most recognized used extension for websites. A .com extension would be the most appropriate extension for your website as most people are more likely to come up with a.com extension in their minds when searching for different web links.

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