Cloud storage is a model of networked online storage where data is stored in virtualized pools of storage which are generally hosted by third parties. Cloud storage apps provide users with immediate access to a broad range of resources and applications hosted in the infrastructure of another organization via a web service interface.

One of the biggest problems computer users have is finding enough storage space to hold all the data they’ve acquired. Disk storage capacity is one of the biggest factors when consumers are considering signing on to a cloud storage application. And most consumers want some amount of space for free before they can commit to a monthly paid service.

Google is the new entrant to the cloud storage industry with its new GDrive. The most interesting thing about Google new product is that it offers 5GB of disk storage compared to the 2GB cloud storage offered by Dropbox. And the service is  already tied into Google Docs.The big question is, will you drop Dropbox for GDrive?

With the recent 5GB free cloud storage offered by Google, other competitors are reviewing their features and are considering increasing free storage spaces for their existing users and prospective costumers.  Box, Cubby, Sugar Sync and Maxxo  offers 5GB of free storage to users. Some some reason, Microsoft is decreasing its free storage limit from 25GB for SkyDrive to 7GB.  SkyDrive is integrated with Office Web Apps, and Microsoft has promised Windows 8 Metro support as well. Dropbox has boosted its free storage limit from 2GB to 5GB with the introduction of a new digital image offering.

The cloud apps out there are pretty much the same, but depending on your specific needs you can always make your choice. iCloud, Cloud Drive (from Amazon), FlipDrive, Mozy and SpiderOak are a few of other cloud storage apps as well.

There are currently hundreds of cloud storage apps for both the web and mobile users, but some people still invest in larger hard drives. Others prefer external storage devices  or compact discs. Issues like privacy and security of personal files have prevented most web and mobile users from using cloud storage apps. Despite its several advantages the downsides are a huge concern for most computer users. Cloud storage competitors will keep working on getting their apps better to make sure you also keep using them and good news is that you have choice and you sign in to the one that best suites you.