Quality Backlinks play an important and effective role for getting high page rank of your site. After getting backlinks from sites having high page rank, this will give some benefits to increase your site’s page rank also. Backlinks are the major source of driving huge traffic to your site as well as pushing your site at high ranks on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

But before sharing about the effective methods, I need to tell you about the quality approval types of the links. There are two types of links: Do-Follow links and No-Follow links.

  • Do-Follow Links – The links which are able to drive traffic as well as Google crawler to the linked site represents do-follow links. These links will give 100% benefits to your site but in limits by avoiding spamming.
  • No-Follow Links – The Links which are able to drive huge traffic to the inbound links but unable to show their existence to the search engine. One can check no-follow link by viewing “source page” of the site’s page and check if there is rel=”nofollow” then this link will not be crawled by the search engine.

Now following are the four effective methods of getting high page rank to your site:

  1. Article Submission – This is an effective and very common way of buildinglinks. Write an article and submit it into various article sites and at the end of the article, put the desired links with keywords in the author information. There are both do-follow and no-follow article sites available in the internet but try to give preference to sites having high page rank, high domain authority and do-follow type of links.
  2. Social Bookmarking – This is another most beneficial way of building links. Social Bookmarking links drive huge traffic to the site. There are thousands of social bookmark sites are available in the web, promote your site by placing appropriate title and description of desired URL. Also show this outcome link into your various social networking sites to promote it in a better way.
  3. Link Building – Link building is an effective way to get link juice from various sites and blogs by placing links through various methods. There are three types of link building methods as given below:
  • Blog Commenting – This is the most targeting way of building links. Do comments on various posts of different blogs and get a link after approval. Choose relevant blogs with high page rank and high daily traffic will give you more benefit. Both do-follow and no-follow type of links are present in various blogs but the choice is yours.
  • Forum Links – Forums are also the great option of building links. After placing the link in the signature field, one can able to promote this blog or site link at various threads in the forum. By registering and placing links in relevant forums having good credibility will give more benefit.
  • Link Exchange – Link Exchange is veryeffective and very old method of building links. In this method, one site will exchange links with another. Relevancy and page rank are the commonly seen eligibility criteria of exchanging links with one another sites.
  1. Guest Posting – Building links throughGuest Posting will increases the credibility, traffic, link juice and reputation of the site or blog. This also creates the author reputation according to the content submitted. Authors having good online reputation are successful of attracting huge traffic to their post; hence the placed backlink will get the benefit.

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