Are you moving too fast or too slowly in response to changing technology. A lot of people have embraced new technology in business, politics, medicine,education and everyday life. The faster you know what’s going on around you, the easier you can understand the age of digital invasion. But are all digital invasion good for your productive life. Staying up to date with digital trends and everything that’s going on in mobile and web technology and tech is almost impossible.

Digital experts and early adopters of popular blogs and news sites keep saying and asking, “You need a Facebook brand page for marketing! Why are you not on Twitter yet? Have you checked-in on Foursquare? Hurry up and get set up on Google+. Have your tried Pinterest? Have you installed the new mobile app? If you don’t get on social media, you and your business are missing out and loosing connections, leads or leads.

Gradually you are building your life around new technology and the digital invasion. The moment you wake up from bed, you cannot help but check your email or read new emails on your your smartphone. The rest follows naturally- Twitter updates, Facebook status, Pins, check-ins,Instagram photos and news just for you via Flipboard, Google Currents,, Pulse, Zite etc. This goes on for most part of the day. Of course if you go to work you can take time at break times dive into your digital life.

You may have embraced Google, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, personalized news and cannot live without them. Learning to embrace the digital invasion is faster with a smartphone. And gradually you cannot live without them. This very minute you are reading and learning about the new age of digital invasion. The next minute you will be checking your mail. You even get updates of incoming emails. You are very much used to emailing. But it doesn’t end there. You even want to be updated about all your social networks. You have either subscribed to signed up to a service that can update you consistently. Updates are not enough.

Human needs are insatiable, so you want to access each of the social networks separately. Check out what is new on Twitter or Facebook or Foursquare. Once a while you add your voice and share your knowledge with the rest of the world through a twit, a Facebook update, or a blog. That is what keeps the web with fresh news and updates. We are all a part of the the bigger web.

If you want to learn something new and you consider a lecture room too odd to embrace you embrace Google. Google is the new lecture theatre and everybody is a resource person. Google survives on what you and I honestly share online. Self education has come to stay. You can almost learn anything you want with a few keywords.

But the BIG question is-Have we become productive or unproductive with the emergence of new technology.