Every entrepreneur needs tools and resources to create, build and grow a startup. Right from an idea stage to an IPO, startup founders depend on great and smart people, partners, mentors, investors and users to build a lasting business. These resources will be useful on your way to the top.

1. The Entrepreneur.com Startup Kits: There are kits for everything from starting a restaurant to a consulting firm, complete with articles, guides, marketing tips, and more.

2. Quora : A great  Q&A site for entrepreneurs, business leaders, founders, and professionals.

3. The Startup Toolkit – Tools and guidance for all startup founders.

4. Startup Compass – Benchmark your startup’s KPIs against more than 10k internet startups.

5.  Sprouter – Entrepreneurship and startup expert Q&A, resources for starting, growing and leading a startup.

6. StartupDigest – Free weekly emails about startup events and programs in various cities around the world.

7. AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) – Market research for that idea or concept you have been thinking of.

8. About.com Starting a Business Hub:  Content for starting a business, including checklists, a small business startup kit, and detailed articles on naming and calculating the cost of your startup.

9. Alltop Startups:  Latest startup news and opinions to keep you updated on everything startup

10. Cofounda – App platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors.

11. Introduction to Venture Capital: This short presentation by Will Price, former venture capitalist and the current CEO of Widgetbox, explains all of the basics.

12. TheFunded: This community is  focused on helping you raise money.

13. LiquidSpace – Airbnb for workspaces. Book last minute or plan ahead.

14.  Hacker News:   Users of this community add relevant and interesting stories on the topics of programming and startup entrepreneurship and consistently hold thought-provoking discussions. A great place for startup news and advice as well.

15. List of VCs active on Twitter— another good way to understand what investors are funding / thinking / doing / eating.

16.LaunchRock – Setup a “Launching Soon” page in minutes.

17. OnStartup: The OnStartup blog offers regularly updated content for a daily dose of business advice.

18. EvanCarmichael.com Large collection of entrepreneurial articles. Includes lengthy list of famous entrepreneur profiles and case studies-

19. SBA– Your local Small Business Administration office provides  helpful resources for preparing to launch your business.

20. Start-up | Inc.com: Advice for founders of start-ups and start-up entrepreneurs on writing a business plan, running a home-based business, naming a start-up.

21. LegalZoom: An inexpensive, fast, and easy to use online legal document service that can help you file the appropriate paperwork for your startup.

22. Prosper–  Prosper can help you get the seed funding you need to launch your own online business.

23.  SlideRocket – Create, collaborate and share stunning, media-rich web presentations.