Given the high unemployment numbers that hit with the economic recession and have remained throughout the slow recovery, one might assume that employers have no trouble finding qualified employees. While this may be true in certain industries, many employers are actually struggling to find those with the skills necessary to fulfill basic job requirements. Securing top-notch employees may not always be easy, but it can be accomplished if employers are willing to offer potential workers decent perks like dental plans, medical benefits and even stock options. The following ideas will have the best and the brightest in the workforce flocking to your door:

Health Insurance

Getting decent healthcare isn’t as easy as it used to be. Paying out of pocket is pretty much out of the question unless you have a lot of extra cash at your disposal. Decent health insurance, while offering a modicum of protection, can still be very difficult and expensive for individuals to come by. Despite the rising cost of healthcare coverage, it’s still in an employer’s best interest to provide workers with solid health benefits. First, if there’s a shortage in your field, you’ll find it almost impossible to attract good employees if you fail to include quality health coverage as a part of your overall package. Once job seekers find out that your health coverage is subpar, they’ll be off in search of a company willing to make their health a top priority.

Offering quality healthcare coverage is not only helpful in attracting job seekers; it’s an essential tool for hanging on to the top-performing employees currently on the payroll. Employees with health coverage will be healthier, happier and ultimately more productive members of the workforce.

Dental Plans

Many health insurance plans provide limited dental coverage. This is unfortunate, because good dental health is absolutely essential to maintaining overall physical health. Keep your employees’ smiles bright by offering adequate dental coverage. Focus on plans that place an emphasis on preventative care. Your employees shouldn’t be afraid to visit the dentist at least once or twice a year. Unlike health insurance, dental coverage is reasonably easy for businesses to obtain reasonably priced group plans for their employees, which makes it a solid investment.

Vacation Time

Employees may be devoted to working hard and producing results, but they also sometimes need a little time off for rest and relaxation. Depriving employees of adequate vacation time only serves to lower the overall morale in the workplace. If employees are getting dragged down by complicated assignments, all it may take for a quick revival is a few days off. And if you’re capable of offering prospective employees with generous time off, you’ll find yourself attracting the best workers in the industry.


These days, it’s almost impossible for recent college graduates to score jobs if they don’t have some sort of work experience. This experience can be gained with the help of a good internship program. Internships provide valuable opportunities for talented college students, allowing them to get a head start on networking while padding their resumes. Internships also benefit employers, who can cultivate highly skilled workers at a low cost. Some employers are so impressed by their interns that they keep them on following graduation. It’s a little like getting to test drive an employee before making a permanent commitment.

Stay on Top of New Technologies

In today’s swiftly changing world, technology is the name of the game. If you aren’t incorporating the best new technologies in the workplace, you risk becoming a fossil. Keep your employees equipped with high-quality computers and printers. Some businesses also provide employees with smart phones and tablet computers. And don’t be afraid to get involved in social networking! Sites like Twitter and Facebook help you connect with current employees while serving as a recruiting tool for new blood.

There are highly talented individuals out there who are eager to work and anxious to land an opportunity. Supplying them with benefits and finding new ways to reach out to them, serves as an incentive for them to want to work for you.

By Joe Baker

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