Have you tried to visit a Web site and waited . . . and waited until after over 30 seconds before something appeared on your screen? Industry experts say that people won’t wait more than 8 or 10 seconds for a site to load. I hope by now, if you own an online business, you have thoroughly tested the speed of your site and how long it takes for it to load.

Customer experience begins the moment a user hits enter and waits to see what you have to offer. Remember there are hundreds if not thousands of other options for most internet users. “Slow” should be the last word on a user’s mind when they hear or see your online business name.

Its also important to make sure your Web site is designed well to make optimum and good use of web server resources. A heavy website that requires huge resources to load can slow your site. Talk to your technical team to analyze your site often and thoroughly.

Whenever you have the chance, check your site using computers with different browsers,and note differences in appearance,ease of navigation and speed. Nothing destroys your credibility more than a customer bad experience. Avoid these 7 deadly mistakes and you will on to a good start.

If you have lots of customers or users, it is very important to maintain that level of speed you boast about.Your technical support team must always be on the look out for any new additions that could cause delays. It could be that new feature you added, a new code addition, a plugin meant to improve your business or inadequate server resources. If you have to upgrade your server resources, do not hesitate to do that as soon as the need arises. As your business grows or expands, it is equally relevant that the resources to serve your clients, customers or users also expands with it.

Every web users expects more from every website. So long as you are online and are marketing yourself or your website, your users should experience nothing less than the best. Leave a lasting good impression on even new users and they will come back for more. If you build a great web experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful. In the same way if customers experience a bad experience, the same word of mouth and social media media can ruin the reputation you have build over the years.