Hiring is an important stage in every business. At some stage in your business, you will need smart people to complete the business processes. You should devote quality time to hunt for the best if you have to hire your first employees. Once you have found the need for a new role, identify the job description, person specification. If you will be doing the recruitment yourself as founders you should also have your recruitment procedures handy and you should know about employment contracts.

A lot of startups are now considering new ways to hire talent in addition to the usual ways including contracting a third party agency, Offshore Recruitment with the heavy use of the internet. In recent times, startups now also rely on professional referrals, social network recommendations and social media. Social media offers recruiting managers and founders a larger applicant pool to work with.  Lots of sites have been created to handle recruitment for small to large businesses.

A lot of startups rely on social media networks to not only reach out to their client base but also to recruit the very best talent.  Build your social following, interact and listen and you will find great value in it when the time comes for you to recruit.

Build your own database of contacts to handle the few good ones as you proceed further in the process. There are now even tools to help you manage your recruitment with ease. Make prudent use of your resources when hiring. In a perfect diagram, you can link each of the few candidates selected to the people you know and how they are connected.

Recruiting for a startup tend to take time and the process is a two-way street because in as much as you expect your potential employees to impress you and your team, you also have to prove why they should be working with you/why they should choose a startup or an existing corporate enterprise.

You could attract talent to you business or startup by sharing your company culture, values, best practices and what makes you unique with your users, customers or prospective customers. Many successful startups usually share information via blogs, slides, white papers and downloadable materials. Make it easy for people to find you and know about what you stand for and you will be drastically increasing your startups visibility and, conversely, your chances of success.