Changing careers is a an important step in every person’s life. You have to get it right, otherwise you may look back and  regret. But for some reason you have to move on and you need to make that decision. A lot of things could go wrong and a lot of things could go right. The uncertainty of what lies ahead prevents many people from making that decision. If you no longer find your current job interesting, you should think about how to make that decision now.

The decision becomes even much more difficult if you have to move from one industry to another. Example with fusion people highway maintenance jobs,you may have performed very well as an engineer but if you have to move from being an employee to owning your own business you need different set of skills. In this case you will still be in the same industry but just that you will now assume leadership role of your own business-managing and leading employees and securing contracts.

The situation is different if you have to move from marketing roles or jobs to financial departments. Each of these roles also requires different set of skills for maximum performance. If you are interested in making a complete change of career, it’s important to start planning ahead of time. Gather all the required skills through online courses or executive courses tailored for busy people like yourself. Changing will be much more easier and you can better perform in your new role when you have all the necessary skills.

You should always love what you are currently doing or want you intend to do in the future. Job satisfaction has been a big factor for a lot of career changes. If you are unhappy or do not find your current job satisfactory, you should also consider a career shift. Most people spend almost all the best part of the day at work and it’s just fair that you seek happiness and job satisfaction. Work at it if you do not have. If you are not happy at work, you could carry that with you to other parts of your life and you do not want that. People around you deserve better, that is why you should take care of yourself first and make sure that you getting the best out of your life. Whatever the obstacle find it and work on it to improve yourself.

When the need arises to make that change to the same industry but a different job or a different industry, study change and transition. There are so many books on personal development and career change, find yourself best the one out there and stay informed about what to expect and how to handle the change emotionally.

Some people can even begin a career change internally. It’s not a bad idea to look for internal transfer opportunities that exist in your company. If you really have to change as soon as possible, you can consider an internal change to a different department, location or a new position altogether.

Finally access yourself and be clear about your abilities and weaknesses, inform yourself or stay updated about the market that you’re aiming to enter, organise your research and readjust your plans if necessary to embrace the new journey. Be prepared for salary surprises.