Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is certainly exciting, but it can also be risky. Many small businesses fail within the first year because the founder of the company is not prepared properly. If you want to start your own business and succeed as an entrepreneur, then use this guide to learn about the five things you will need before starting a company.

1. Detailed Business Plans

Before you begin pouring money into a business idea or asking investors for help, it is important that you have a detailed business plan. This will involve more than just a great product idea or a simple plan to sell services. You need to have details like the demographic you plan to target, estimated profits, any information about the manufacturing process, how long until you plan to break even and whether you will have to hire additional staff. It is these details that investors and potential partners will want to know before committing to your idea. Without this information, you won’t know what to expect or how to deal with upcoming challenges.

2. Adequate Capital

The hardest aspect of starting a company for most entrepreneurs is getting the capital necessary to get the idea off the ground. It is best not to risk your home, car, or all of your personal finances to a venture. Instead, try to attract investors and exchange capital upfront for a percentage of the profits or royalties later on down the line. If you do need to take a loan out, make it a business loan and not a personal loan, as interest rates can be much lower with business loans.

3. Knowledge and Education

Starting a business and keeping it running for the first year is a tremendous undertaking. It is important to have plenty of knowledge in the field before beginning this challenge. The most successful entrepreneurs often have degrees in fields like business, accounting, or marketing. Some colleges even offer courses specifically covering entrepreneurship. The information you learn in these courses can be invaluable when it comes to starting your own company.

4. Mentors and Support

Although running a new business is certainly tough, having mentors and the support of fellow entrepreneurs can be incredibly helpful. Find local business owners in your area who have started successful businesses and ask them for advice or suggestions. Organize weekly or monthly meetings where entrepreneurs can gather to share their successes and ask questions as they arise.

5. Advertising and a Way to Market Your Product or Idea

Even the best business or product idea will fail unless people hear about it. Make sure that in the planning stages of the business venture you give plenty of thought to advertising campaigns and marketing for the business. This might include a website, a storefront, renting billboard space, or even mailing flyers to locals in the area.

If you have a business plan, adequate capital, knowledge in the area of business, fellow entrepreneurs for support, and an idea for advertising, you will be on the right track towards becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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  1. This post killed my enthusiasm to become an entrepreneur. No offense, but it looks like a very defensive project plan, where the manager believes that the project will fail. For me startups are the opposite, where people need only two things: a good idea and a desire for execution. They'll sort out the rest later on.

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