Dropbox is a popular file sharing app with lots of users. If you happen to be a user of Dropbox, Groupiter has good news for you. Dropbox makes it easy to share files. But so far conversations about files you share on Dropbox is not easy. Groupiter wants to make it easy for you to instantly discuss Dropbox files with colleagues. Or get reactions from your boss. Or just share with friends and family.

The company is not currently offering the tool to the general public (you can sign up on the homepage to be on the invite list). The company hopes to launch the product this summer. Groupiter is targeting over 60 million Dropbox users many of whom want to start conversations about files they share.

Groupiter, still in private beta wants to enhance Dropbox file-sharing with conversation. Chris Dyball (formerly of Getty Images and Surfing Magazine) and co-founder of Groupiter has said on Twitter “we’ve been working with leading creatives at Warner, Sony, Lego, Hulu.”

The company has a strong founding team with a distinguished list of investors including Dave McClure Founding Partner @ 500 Startups. Ex-PayPal, Facebook fbFund, Founders Fund, Mint.com. Geek, developer, entrepreneur, marketer. Investor in 300+ co’s.