We should be proud for living in an exciting time both in terms of science and technology. With the plenty of research firms, the ability to develop new technologies and innovations is increasing gradually as the years pass on. Especially wireless technologies revolutionized the entire mobile world. The new innovative technologies make mobile devices with more durable and long last. Do you know why all old mobiles reside in mobile phone recycling stores? Because many researchers work hard to launch mobiles every time with new passion and improve the whole landscape according to the needs and trends.

As necessity is the major cause for innovation, nowadays smartphones come up with new designs, technologies, apps and any more. If we see the surveys and reports on technologies of past one year, we can find Android was top among many other and made a significant hit in the mobile world. As iPhone being the next top in the market, but in terms of technological innovations it lack behind Android in areas of durability, flexibility and existence for long run. This is just the beginning and Android technology has many more technologies to offer over couple of years. Eager to know the upcoming technologies for your Android devices? Then, to give you an idea of the magnitude of this reality, let’s take an amazing technological innovations tour in the mobile industry.

1. Self-Charging Technology

With more usage of apps, features in mobiles, battery life became very hectic to consumers. As the conventional power is the only way to charge batteries, there is a need of self charging without depending on them. Luckily a brilliant researchers team of Cambridge University works hard on a variety of technologies and found ways to resolve battery drain. With their new discovery of self charging smartphones, users can now enjoy the longer battery life.

2. Biometric Authentication Technology

With the increase in personal data threats, this new contact-less palm vein pattern authentication technology was developed to improve the security of devices. The unique vascular patterns of our palm is itself a personal identification data. It is a cool additional security feature on your Android mobiles to avoid forge or photo duplication. It can be used in various sectors like banking, offices, passport offices, ATMs, PCs, libraries, front home doors, hospitals, hotels, etc. This is being used in Japan and expected to see in other countries in the near future.

3. Waterproofing Technology

It is the time for the users to safeguard their displays from sudden accidents like drop in water, or dust. Several researchers and manufacturers are bringing a new waterproof technology in Android devices to the mobile market. Fujitsu and Panasonic were successful in showcasing their devices with new technology like waterproof and water-resistant, which provides 100% water protection as well as keeps the mobile weight down. The hydrophobic treatment is applied over the speakers, internals and exterior casing. It is an amazing and mind-blowing technology packed in the upcoming Android devices. So it is extremely cool to look forward for such type of technologies.

4. Hexa or Octo Core & More Processor

Over the next few months and years, users can look forward for a plenty of Quad core processor. With such more powerful devices, you can perform several functions easily right in your hand. Are you ready to face the next generation mobiles with hexa or octa or even more processor capacity?

5. Transfer Jet

Toshiba has developed a new blazing fast and wireless file transfer protocol namely Transfer Jet. This is really a cool technology that transfers 1 Gb 720p video files at a rate of 360Mbps between devices within a few seconds.

These are the top technological innovations that can be expected to get in Android device in the future. Wait for these cool technologies to rock on mobile industry. Do you come across any more technological innovation that you think to implement on Android, then let us know in the comment section.

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