Scrappers are basically the spam websites that copies your content data from different websites using web scraping techniques. These websites steal your content into their blogs. Their main purpose is basically to outrank your site in the search engines (for articles). A scraper site can be operated manually or auto piloted. These sites actually violate the copyrights laws by not giving credit to the original source. Here, in this article, we will tell you some of the useful ways that; how you can safe your content from the scrappers.

Never use PLR articles directly on your blog:

PLR is basically an abbreviation of “Private Label Rights”. It is derived from private labeling and based on the principle on Internet marketing. It allows the author to sell all their intellectual property rights (of their work). I am not saying that, you should not use the PLR articles. By the help of PLR articles, you can get a lot of efficient and new ideas. But a large number of PLR articles usually ripped from Ezine, Hubpages and other articles directories. If you use them on your blog, then you can face different issues such as:

  • Duplicate Content.
  • Copyright Laws.
  • Other Legal issues etc.

Do not steal Content from other blogs:

Well, definitely it is illegal to copy someone’s idea and present it as your own. By doing so, you certainly spoil other’s efforts, creativity and hard work. You cannot copy the content, which has already been published. If you like someone else’s topic then you can rewrite it in your own words.

Do not use Copyrighted images for your articles:

Well, it has become a very common practice that, people copy the images from the internet and paste them on their blogs. You should be well aware of certain laws and limits (copyright laws). You can be charged for the copyright issues.

Always take permission before reusing the content:

In case you like someone else’s idea and this idea has been published over the internet, then it is your moral obligation to ask or to take permission from the original author; whether you can reuse the content or not. If you properly take permission and later on present it in your own way then it would be ok else it would come under plagiarism.

Should give credit to original source:

You should give credit to the original source. Appreciating other’s effort is really a good sign. Praising someone else’s effort can be really beneficial; you can also protect/save your blog from future disasters. Always credit the source on any external content/data or image that is referred in your article.

These small things should be kept in mind as they can create a huge amount of difference. By implementing them, we can certainly save our blog/websites from the scrappers. I assure you; if you follow these useful points then you cannot become the victim of the scrappers. I hope you will like the article.

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