Information about a product can be one of the most effective tools for marketing that product. While different sources give different numbers, most sources do agree that people generally like to see something – or need to see something – a certain number of times before they actually purchase it. People enjoy learning about things they want to purchase. Sometimes, learning more about a product can finally persuade them to purchase it. This is why information is such an excellent tool for marketing. Online, there are venues that you can exploit to use information to market your product, service or simply to drive traffic to your website.

 Guest Bloggers

Blogs have been around for long enough that people’s fascination with the technology behind them has worn off. Today, blogs are considered legitimate means of getting information. Newspapers maintain blog sections, and local television stations usually maintain blog sections. Most major manufacturers have blog sections on their websites where they disseminate information about their products. In essence, this all points to the fact that people are comfortable with the idea of getting information off blogs.

Some blogs are regarded as very credible. If you have contacts who are in industries that are not in competition with yours but that either have an overlapping demographic or have some other similarity that makes it appropriate to include your writing on their blog, asking them about writing a guest blog is a good idea. This actually allows you to get more mileage out of content you have already written.

If you’re writing a guest blog, you can assume that a lot of the information you’re giving the audience is likely new to them. Because of that, you can recycle some of your content, which makes it very time effective to write these types of blogs. It also gives you an opportunity to use your keywords, your site name or business name and to get a link back to your own site, all of which are excellent for marketing your site. If you can get a guest article on a good blog or if you can find a good blogger to write a guest article for your blog, both are very worthwhile. Even if you don’t have regular readers yet, it doesn’t hurt to do this. The backlink alone may make it worth it.

Press Releases

Press releases do have a place in the post-newspaper world. In fact, they’re quite effective. Aggregating resources, such as Google News, oftentimes pick up press releases, and they will associate them with certain keywords. This can make them useful ways to get people to your site, to get people linking to your content and just to get your name out on the Internet. They’re worth it. In most cases, it’s affordable to have these written up for you. Remember that press releases can be used to convey important information and, if you have a chance to use one in that way, they can be particularly effective, as they actually will catch the attention of journalists.

Information can go a long way toward getting people interested in your product or service. Look for opportunities to get on other people’s blogs and, if you get a chance, utilizing press releases and posting them on your own blog can be an effective way of making your site more visible.

Premium WordPress themes generally have blogging features incorporated into them that allow you to style and format your blog in a way that is completely harmonious with the look of the rest of your site. This is a great feature if you have a business site and you want to add a blog function but mostly want to use WordPress as a CMS.

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