There are hundreds of document editing and management apps out there and Superbly wants to offer something different to users. The company focuses on just confidential documents that people are less likely to share online. That is a difficult market to target because of consumer perception about security and confidentiality of certain documents. Considering the fact that it may not be safe to email confidential and sensitive documents, there had to be another secure way to share documents. Superbly wants to fill that gap and they promise the most highly secured way of encryption for your documents-military-grade encryption.

Superbly enables highly-secure editing, collaboration, and version control of confidential documents from any device. Superbly automatically determines points of contention in your document negotiation, and allows you to add comments anywhere.

The company’s¬† beachhead customers are law firms who handle sensitive documents, such as corporate law, IP, divorces, venture deals, and M&A.

Superbly Product Demo from Superbly on Vimeo.