Infographics is the new way to consume data. A lot of people now prefer infographics to just text. Depending on how the information is presented, infographics can make data consumption easy and fast. And a well-designed infographic is more interesting than a text-only data. But managing the data, creating a layout, testing the design, and getting sign-off on an infographic before it goes live can be a lengthy process. promises to change all that and make the process fun and easy. lets you pick from themes, allowing you to then fill it out with data using a WYSIWYG editor.

The service allows you to produce simple charts and infographics on the web, in a smart interface that includes different options for displaying information. Once a template is selected, you get a basic editor wherein you can add pictures, text, and additional graphs, and swap each of these elements around into the order of your choosing with a quick drag-and-drop. A finished infographic gets assigned a unique URL, and you can choose to share that link through Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. But you must either link back to the site, or embed the design using an iFrame.